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Where to get s Public STATIC IP for troubleshooting Client connections-

I would like to use my DSL connection to connect to clients whenever I set up a T1 or VPN connections with Cisco Equipment. I already use Dynamic DNS for name resolution, but since the Verizon DSL IP address changes so often, what is my alternative? (other than NAT)

Here's what I would like to do:

Private IP - [My Cisco 871] - Public IP <------- Internet --------> Public IP - [Customer's ASA 5520] - Private IP

Thanks in advance.
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Verizon Business DSL -

$114 - for a 2-year contract.
$99 - for a 2-year contract.

$175 - cancellation fee(I'm guessing on this one)

Hmmm... I just wish there was a way of renting Static IPs for temporary use.

I guess what needs to happen is for some enterprising company to find out how to map a static IP over a dynamic one. I guess a kind of Dynamic DNS, but for Static IPs.

Private IP (internal) - [My 871] - ISP Dynamic Public IP <--Internet -- (XYZ Co. Rented Public Static IP)--> Public IP - [Customer's ASA 5520] - Private IP

If someone can figure this out, they can make very big money.

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I guess we're just kind of screwed with this whole static IP business until someone figures out a way.

Thanks for the suggestion anyway-