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How to create 2 node cluster from existing stand alone Exchange 2003 installation?

I have a single Exchange 2003 server and I need change the installation from a single node to a 2 node cluster.  I cannot move to Exchange 2007.  The OS is Windows 2003 R2 SE SP2.  The data store is on an ISCSI device (AX150i) and there is plenty of networking components in place.  

I appreciate your time and patience with this one.

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Any idea what those packages might be?

I guess a phased move from stand alone to clustered would be possible, though definately not preferred.  The mailbox store is pretty good size and even moving mailboxes between stores on the same server takes quite a bit of time.

I will hold out for somebody to detail their experience with attempting this.  The server has been out for quite some time and I find it difficult to believe it hasn't come up before.

Come to think of it, the storage groups are fully on the external device.  I probably wouldn't have to actually move the mailboxes, right?  I'd create the cluster and then just mount the existing store on the new server?

Two weeks ago, the exchange server bottomed out and I had to reinstall Exchange with the disaster recovery switch and the mailbox stores mounted right up after the reinstallation.
There are a couple rules of attaching databases to different exchange servers that you need to follow - like using the same SG and MS names, but aside from that you should be OK.
Unfortunate, yet true.  Thanks.