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Is it good to be using switches to connect a network?

How good is it to be using switches to connect  a network that has less than 100 meters between every one of the nodes,  how much would this affect if the switches are connected in cascade for example i have i found a switch that connects directly to the sites switch but another one connecst to it to give network service to some other computers.

As far as i remember that is not good so how much would this affect the network performance what is the correct way to do it, i must say that i am kind of a newbie on this first time i'm in charge of a network with more than  80 users or so.

I believe that the way the lan is right now is not good, tell me if am wrong.
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Steven Vona
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If I am picturing the setup correctly I dont think you have a problem. How big are these switches?
Hmmm... 80 users and probably less than 5 servers & WAN link (assumptions).

It all sounds within spec, as Savone suggests, and the size of the switches and design would be helpful.

One obvious design issue that you're seeing could be a problem with aggregation...
You've got 4 24-port 100MB switches, that are all chained to each other:
   Switch1 --- Switch2---Switch3---Switch4

You're servers are on Switch1 with some users, and each of the other 3 switches handle the rest of the users.  If there's a bit of traffic going to your server boxes, the folks on Switches3 & 4 will probably see some slowness issues because of their traffic having deal with contention with other traffic on the switch passing through the single 100MB uplinks to get to the servers on Switch1.

That type of issue can be easily overcome by spanning Switches 3&4 directly off of Switch1, getting rid of the aggregation issues:

   Switch1 --- Switch2
       |   |-------Switch3

Hope this helps a little... please let us know more details on your network layout.

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i have the following:

Switch 1: Switch 2
                Switch 3
                Switch 4 --> Switch5 --> Switch 6

Switch2, 3, 4 are connected to switch 1 directly and switch 5 is connected to switch 4 and switch 6 is connected to switch 5.

So my network would be faster or at least little faster if i connect the switches directly from  a main switch (Switch 1) right??
Wouldn´t it be much faster if all the connections or most of them came from the main switch?? Without using so many switches, let's say i buy two 48 port switches instead of the six one we have now, wouldn't it be better?
I think it would be better, but I just can not say how much of a network improvement you will see over ScooterAndersons suggestion.  The minor improvement may not be worth all the expense, and it may even be unnoticeable.
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Scott Anderson
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