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Network Bandwith Monitoring Software

  I need help finding software (preferrably free) in which I can monitor/view how much bandwith each user on our network is using. I have a handful of users who like to listen to streaming radio on their computers, and although we have a T1, I want some software/proof that I can show to management to show them that it does sometimes put a strain on network connectivity (especially when 4-5 users have the streaming radio going at once).
   It would be nice if the software had a graphical type interface or chart to view the results. I know that some software has user limitations, but if I could at least monitor around 8-10 users at once, that would suffice. I would like to be able to monitor/chart users over a period of time as well (not just real-time monitoring). And it would also be nice to be able to do a printout of the results/graph to take to management to show them the bandwith usage from these particular employees as opposed to those who don's use the streaming radio.
   Any help in finding a software that meets most of this criteria would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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What if I don't have ISA server?
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request a demo from packeteer or some other traffic shaping appliance company.  I have used packeteers in the past to curtail just such an issue.  If you go to purchace they are kind of pricy but worth it in the end.
Or install a isa server. :)
But are other ways.
I need to know what is the model og your internet router?
 Sorry for the delayed reply guys. What we have is a T1 which comes through an Adtran Netvanta 3205 router provided by Embarq. This router is only setup to be an ethernet doesn't control any of the routing. The Adtran connects to a Cisco 1711 router. However, this router is not accessible by anyone on our side. It was installed by the state of FL and controlled by the state (VPN connection to send billing and sensitive data). Out of the Cisco router, it plugs into one of our six unmanaged switches. We have one file server and one mail server that plug into this switch as well, and all the network PC are obviously connected to the remaining ports/switches.
  If I'm not mistaken, I would have to have a managed switch to do port mirroring??? I found a couple programs I liked, but it seems as though it would require mirroring to work. "Network Probe 2.6" is one of these programs that is almost exactly what I want.
  Also, I have no problem installing ISA server, though I have zero experience with it. Is it difficult to install? Would it cause issues if we're already running IIS and a third party firewall?
with Scrutinizer of netflow Analyzer( adventNet) you can  monitor the traffic in an out of the Adtran Router. Those routers (if you have the correct AOS) have the traffic monitoring installed.! the AOS should be 16.x i think  just check it out.

as per your explanation all ur traffic do go through the Adtran and on to the CISCO  for internet.
one other thing would be to use Squid , with SARG and you can get the required reports, with even blocking options, but setting up squid will require some reconfigurations on the client's side ( proxy )
yes, i agree i think netflow will resolve your problems. But i think that you should considering install isa any way.
HI pal, any success in your analysis ?
do u need further help ?

let us know

I tried Netflow, but was unable to set up the routers, as I don't have access to them.

Has anyone tried Packet Analyzer by Colasoft Capsa? I'm using the trial version right now and it seems to do pretty much everything I need it to. However, I'm not sure of the reliability of it. It seems as though the traffic by certain users (whom I know surf the internet and/or listen to streaming radio all day) is VERY low. For instance, a particular user whom I walked past and know is listening to internet radio right now has only shown around 3,500KB and around 25 packets over the past 15-20 minutes of this program "capturing" data. In fact, the highest user (besides myself due to running this program) only has 13,000KB and around 75 packets in ~20 minutes. just doesn't seem right to me.
Thank you for all the suggestions. I am still looking for a program that best suits my needs.