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sample QA test plan for web site

I need a sample QA Test plan for web site.
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I would create a script in one of the testing platforms. This script would go through the website as a normal user would.  Next I would create another script that would interact with the website in an abnormal fashion.
For a sample QA testplan for websites you have to divide them in multiple sections, like is it a integration test or user acceptance test.

mainly the normal testplan can be used also for web sites, only the focus might lie differently. The focus is mainly based on which quality attributes you want to test. In Web based applications to focus shift to security, performance and usability. Based on this you can define your strategy.

you also might check out this Q: http:/Q_23066387.html

for some downloads you might check:

I hope this works for you.
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Good to see you were able to accept a solution. ONly be careful, as far as I saw the excel file and based on my experience, this is more a sample testscript/ specification then a test plan.
It would help if you contributed more in this question, responding to other comments to give information if it was what you were looking for

with regards,
I have no objection of sharing points among users.

Some things to be add:
I have attached the above simplest form because I saw any of the solution given by experts didnt meet user need and I thought it will be particle giving some working solution than re directing to some other information sources.

The sample I have attached is very much simple form that is just able to give some idea which is helps the user to decide Test Plan structure as I mentioned in my comment.

Test plan may be vary in to organization to organization, in to solution to solution depend on some other factors. If shahedny need any more information I am willing to supply even within this open discussion.

Hello Madu,
no need for sharing. I just wanted to make a comment also for further users that there is a different between testplans, test specifications and test scripts.indeed testplans vary per organizations. Sometimes you can write them in one page, sometimes you need >30 pages for it.

On of the basics of your example is that there is some version control, author, and goal mentioned. In test plans I also like to see the scope of testing, what is not in scope. WHich areas you test and with what depth/coverage and of course which acceptance criteria to use.

with regards,
Hi Roos01:
I totally agree with your comment. It is important to understand differences between test plans, test specifications and test scripts as you mentioned.
People refer this link, please consider roos01 comment because those are important points.
However keep in mind that, TP will be vary depend on the situation / PM or team decision / and variety of other conditions

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I'm kind of confuse about the Sample-Test-Plan.xls file. In order to submit a text plan to client do i need to write the name of the web site and the scenarios.

As I see this kind of example. You may make TP the way you want. Both roos01 and MaduKp has given comments which are value addition to this case.
TP standard as below,
Test Scope
Test Objectives
Risk Analysis
Test Design
Roles and Responsibilities
Test Schedule & Resources
Test data management
Test Environment
Communication approach
Test tools

How ever I found the excel sheet is correct. You can customize the TP according to your needs. It is not necessary to have application name.
By the way test scenarios are needless. Milestones are important. Here Madukp has clearly mentioned as TP will be vary depend on the situation / PM or team decision / and variety of other conditions. I think they have included test scenarios since testing this particular web site is simple. At last, surely this is a creative effort.
Thanks both roos01 and MaduKp . Hope my comment also helps to people who referring this.