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How Can I 'Fake' an IP Address for One Sub Domain on Windows Server 2003

I'll preface this by saying I hope it makes sense!

All my users authenticate on the Domain, and have their DNS set for one of a range of Windows Server 2003 DNS servers.  Everything is working fine, except for one sub-domain, which is hosted internally.  It resolves to an external IP, which is the same as the WAN IP of the location the users are at, and the Internet router isn't smart enough to know to route it back internally to the correct internal server.  I would like to set the Windows Server 2003 DNS server to resolve this one sub-domain to the internal address, but all other sub-domains of that same domain to their regular, whatever, external IP addresses.

I.e.; - Resolve to whatever it's WAN IP is - Resolve to whatever it's WAN IP is - Resolve to an internal IP address

I know one option would be to manually set it in the hosts file for the users, but, for various different reasons, this will not be possible.
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You need to create a forward lookup zone for with A records for all serivces that are offered for ie: Internal IP, WAN ip etc.  If you don't want this across all your DNS servers then do not make AD Integrated.
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Kutyi, thank you for that answer.  Is there anyway that I can do it for /just/, and still have www, ftp or whatever else, come from the usual DNS source?
Only in a host file.
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EDIT: you don't have to use virtual ip's I just like to do it this way to keep things straight.
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It's not specifically related to web traffic, or any other traffic, it's one specific sub-domain.  In the example I gave above, could be running any number of services, SSH, RDP, FTP etc.  I want users outside of my office to resolve to it's WAN IP, and users inside my office to resolve it to it's LAN IP.  I would like to do this without having to worry about creating entries for all other sub-domains, or the main domain.