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Is there a way to keep track of microsoft licensing on many servers rather than manually keeping track?

We are adding more and more servers to our environment.  They are all Microsoft 2003 enterprise server.  I thought we could use microsoft license server to keep track of all the licenses as we add or remove the servers but I can't seem to find any info on it.  We are going "per user or per seat" rather than per server.  Does anyone know how best to use the feature or how it works or if there is a better way?  We really want to automate it instead of manually counting the servers.  Thanks.
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no - SAM is still a manual process - MS licences are based on trust and left to you - its all up to you im afraid
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Hmm.. Thanks Jay but then wha tis the purpose of the MS "license svc?"  I still dont understand it or how it works.
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