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How do you manage network passwords

I am planning on implementing a group policy that will require users to have strong network passwords and to change them every 60 days.  The problem I am having is what will I do when I need to login to that users PC in order to work on it.  I will be forced to change their passowrd to something generic at the server, login and do my work and then force the user to reset a secure password the next time they login.
This seems like it will be a lot more work for me.  Can anyone suggest another way?
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Juan Ocasio
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You should have admin rights to their machines.  If you are an admin on your network, then you should be good to go.

Also,  just to throw some mud in the mix, there are a lot of studies that suggest having the minimum password set to 15 char instead of using complex password.  They say setting up ilovemytwochildren as a password is much more secure that Hell0Wo!d, and it's much easier to remember.  So keep this in mind when setting up the policies.  I used to have strong password implemented, but now I use 15 char passphrases and beleive me I do not get the admin headache of having to reset passwords becasue a user forgot they used ! instead of 1

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