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FireFox: How to highlight a combobox 'selected' item?

we are assigning a class to the <option> tag of a specific entry in a combox, so that when the user drops the combobox down, they can see that particular entry is bold and red.

This works fine in IE, and in FireFox, it shows bold and red while in the dropdown list, but as soon as the user selects the bold red item, making it the selected item, the combobox no longer shows it as bold red.

This is only a problem in FireFox, it dispays properly in IE. Any ideas on how to have the combobox show the bold red selected item as bold red in FireFox?

here is our CSS:
.alertext {

And here is the combobox code:

<select name="arrtime" id="arrtime" onmousewheel="return false;">
<option value=''></option>
<option value='4:00 PM'>4:00 PM</option>
<option value='4:30 PM'>4:30 PM</option>
<option  class='alertext' value='5:00 PM'>5:00 PM *</option>
<option value='6:30 PM'>6:30 PM</option>
<option value='7:00 PM'>7:00 PM</option>

The 5:00 PM time is the one that we're testing with.
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Thanks so much - this gets us where we need to be with this!