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Need letterhead at the top of my email documents along with a signature at the bottom.

I have followed lots of directiond on EE and google to no avail
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I don't think that this is doable...
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David Lee
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I followed your directions and ended up with that indented gray screen with a 1"X1" square in the top left corner and the .HTM code numbers all over the place.  What do you think I am doing wrong???
1: <html>  
2:  <head>  
3:  </head>  
4:  <body topMargin="265">  
5:    <div style="position:absolute; top:0px; width:100%">  
6:      <center><img src="Astle-LH.jpg" align="top" width="800" height="235"  /></center>  
7:    </div>  
8:  </body>  
9: </html> 

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The file includes the line numbers from the snippet window.  They have to come out.
I object.  I proposed a solution and responded when the asker said they ran into a problem.  The asker never replied and now wants to close the question with no explanation is to why or what was wrong with the solution I proposed.
Sorry I thought I thanked and awarded points
No problem.
Hello All,

   I saw the coding above and it doesn't appear to answer the question thoroughly.  The image shouldn't be resized to 800 X 235 because this will result in having one huge picture on the page.  Also, the alignment in the coding is limiting because it forces anyone who doesn't know html well to place the company logo in the center of the screen.  There also isn't an explanation of how to add a signature as well.  This could confuse a lot of people.