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Get Button Name in Cgi

What I am trying to do is...

I have a html page of url's to pictures each line is something like

date - filesize - upload user- url to image - REMOVE (button)

the remove button name is the same as the file, i.e name="home/html/images/butterfly.jpg"

when I click the remove button it loads my cgi file, upload-cleaner.cgi.

This cgi needs to show the file name from the clicked remove button and then unlink (delete) the file on comfirmation button.

Problem is, I know how to get the value from text boxes but not the name from a button, hence in this case the name is the "value" i need to build the unlink string.

Can I get the name of the button or will I have to have a hidden textbox for every entry in the list.
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Pieter Marais
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Hi there,

In what inviroment are you using this feature? Is it possible for you to use javascript?
If that is an option you could retrieve the value of the button, and pass it as a parameter to the
CGI Script....

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That is great, I never knew get param collected anything other than values from a form item, thanks again Adam, I think you have fixed more of my problems than anyone else now, lol...