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Can't add exchange mailboxes from workstation?

 I have an exchange 2003 server called Exch3. I usually create mailboxes for users at time of user creation. I am able to create the mailboxes from the exchange server using the active directory users and computers snap in but I can't from any other computer. I am able to create users, groups, etc from the workstations so I know that I am connected to the DC but for some reason I do not get the options to create mailboxes from my workstations and it's really annoying. How do I fix this?

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The classic Exchange Server Management Tools issue. The problem is that while Exchange is installed into Active Directory, the management tools extension has to be installed on every workstation you intend to manage Exchange from. This is because it "extends" the functionality of the AD U&C MMC applet by adding the Exchange options to the AD management tool. This tool isn't picked up automatically when Exchange is installed into AD, it is completely separate.

Ryansoto is correct - you'll need to use the Exchange CD to install the management tools to your workstation with the 2k3 AdminPak already loaded and functioning. The license for the management tools counts as one of your CALs, so assuming your user object / workstation (depending on your CAL licensing model) has the appropriate Exchange CAL license, the tool can be used by your user object (under your Exchange user CAL) at any workstation or anyone can use the tool at the workstation in question (again based on user / workstation CALs)