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vbs srcipt via GPO

i am running a vbs logon script via GPO and it works on some pc's but not on others. The OU structure and policy placement are all correct, has anyome else came across this problem.

If i wait until the machine has logged and then manually run the logon script it works?

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Matthew Millers
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If you run a RSOP.MSC on a problem machine, are they being affected by the GPO / logon script?
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What is the logon script doing, and what tells you that it's not running properly?

for finding out problem like this i aggree with matte76, rsop.msc is the best tool. It will tell you various error information, you can do this by loading it up and right clicking on "User Configuration" and then clicking properties and then click error information. You can also find out other usefull information like what polices are getting applied to yourcomputer as the username your logged into.

Hope this helps

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the policy reckons its getting deployed but if i make changes to the script like say change a mapped drive path the policy never updates the client pc
Are you giving the script time to replicate to other domain controllers, or do you only have one that the users authenticate to?  Is the script in the NetLogon folder of the domain controller?

yes to all only one dc and its there ok as it runs on some pc's and all not others
Did you run the rsop.msc?

Could you also copy the results of "gpresult /z" to a text file and attach please?
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