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Cisco 515E VPN NAT translation question

Hi All:
    I have a client connecting to our Cisco 515E using the Cisco Client 4.08. He is able to connect and authenticate ok, but once he's connected no traffic flows between him and our site here. We have many other people who VPN with the same setup with no problem, I also have a test computer on my home network that has as far as I can the same settings, is NAT'd on the same network (it and they are on 192.x.x, our internal here is 172.x.x) and connects perfectly. I'm fairly convinced it's an issue on their end.
However, his network engineer has told me the following information:
"it doesn't look like the pix on the remote end is supporting NAT traversal.  what version of pix are you running?  when traffic is sent using either IPSEC or IPSEC over UDP encapsulation, the remote end should open up a connection for UDP port 4500 (standards based NAT traversal). "

Can this be true if my other systems that are connect remotely are local-NAT'd?
Also, how would I go about checking to see if NAT traversal is configured on my PIX?
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Excellent, thank you as always.