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Modifying calendar sharing permissions

In my customer's AD setup, they have numerous dedicated "resource" users setup, with their own mailboxes/calendars. The point of this being, is so people can invite these resources to meetings, and then when they view these resource's calendars, they can see that the resource is booked for a meeting by a user. As you might of guessed, these resources are named such things as "2nd floor board room", "digital camera", "cargo van", etc etc.

Without opening Outlook and configuring sharing of these calendars of the resources the traditional user method, can I modify it from Exchange? Logging into a computer with these 12 or so profiles is going to take some time, so I would like to simplify the task somehow.

Any suggestions?
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I would create a resourcesgroup and add all delegates to it.  I would then give the resourcesgroup everything except full control over the resource mailboxes.  Finally, I'd add the users that are in charge of accepting for the resources, to the resources group.

Are you using Exchange 2007 SP1? If so you might be able to provide users delgate access using the Exchange Management shell: -

Set-MailboxCalendarSettings Resource1 -ResourceDelegates:MailEnabledAllUserGroup

Pre-SP1 there are a few issues with this according to -
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Paka, currently "domain users" have full access to these calendars. I could easily swap this this to reviewer, and then give the people I want to give full control to, to the mailbox as well. Problem is though, how do I modify these mailbox permissions?

I've loaded up OWA for one of the users, but I can't find any sharing controls.
You'll do it through the resource objects properties using Active Directory Users and Computers with Exchange System Management Tools installed.
But I currently have all of these resources already setup, with permissions already done. At this point, I need to only modify the permissions that their calendar is sharing out as, I assume I do at least from what the customer has explained to me.
Mass, how would I edit who has what permissions on these invidivual calendars? Is this even possible in the power shell?
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This PFDavAdmin is quite nifty, but I cant seem to locate groups to add to the calendar permissions, perhaps a shortcoming of the program? Users I can locate fine.

I guess I'll just setup MAPI Outlook profile for now...
I think this is what your looking for - the article discusses three ways to share a resource calendar:
Public folders
Moderated Public Folders
Email Accounts
Is the group you are using a mail enabled group that is visible via the GAL?
Yes mass, it is.
I've added a new "resource", and lokoing in PFDAVAdmin, the permissions of the calendar only list ANONYMOUS LOGON with Role: None. How would I add a group? All the other pre-existing resources had the the group of "All users" set with a role, I would like to add that group to this new resource.