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Creating a Playlist Needed

All of my music is in the library in tunes - I need to add playlists to the iPod - I have a ton of different artists and would like to know if there is an easy way to create a playlist, say Grateful Dead, and copy all of the Grateful Dead songs into en masse.
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On the left side of Itunes, you have a plus sign. Click it to create a new playlist. Name it Grateful Dead. Simply drag and drop the songs you want to add to this playlist. Plug your Ipod, then drag and drop the playlist to the Ipod.
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I know that - for the Grateful Dead, I have over 3,000 songs.  There has got to b a way to select all Dead tunes and put them in my created playlist rather than individually selecting each song....right?
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Are you just trying to add the music files or does these files not have tag, etc so iTunes doesn't know they are Dead songs?  If the former then just use Add Folder to Library (under File at the top of the program).  That will add the song files.  If they have the song info (i.e. the tags) then they will automatically appear under Dead for the artist and in the correct album, etc.

If you don't have this set up then I suggest looking into a program called Tag&Rename (or something like it).  It can be found at .  With a program like that you can quickly set tag info quickly for even a group of files.  It can even use the file name, location, etc to do this and modify any of that.  It can even connect online to find the info.  I have used it to quickly organize and provide info for thousands of files.

Let me know if you have any questions or need more information.

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Perhaps I am being unclear...Here's the deal.  My iTunes library has approx. 10,000 songs,  Of these, several thousand are Grateful Dead songs.  I am setting up a NEW iPod/  I have created a new playlist on my iPod names Grateful Dead - I want to put all the songs from the Grateful Dead in my iTunes library into the playlist named Grateful Dead without having to choose/select every single song individually - HOW????????????????
Did you still need help with this?   What is the deal with the delete request?

You weren't clear but I understand what you are asking now.  I can help if you still need it.  Thanks for the info in the last comment to clear it up.  Let us know the status of this.

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I would like to know why the request to delete was made if the points are to be refunded.  The Asker's last comment was posted with details and a question and it seems minutes later the request was made to have this deleted.  I could assume that maybe the Asker found his own answer and so I don't object to the delete but we shouldn't be left wondering.  I recommend delete with no points refunded if there is no response to my comment at http:#21038537 .

By the way ... there are other ways besides Smart Playlists to do this too.  That is a great suggestion but there are others if you don't like it.