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Outlook 2003 "download header only" option - will I be given the option to download attachment if I want to?

I have a workgroup of 4 PCs in XP
Each outlook has "leave copy on server"

If I can put "download header only" in addition this may ease the strain on the email as perhaps only 1 out of 4 Pcs need to see an attachment.
Could be any one of them though.

"download header only" > how many characters is a header?
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Hello worded,

You can open attachment from Header 

Hope this helps!
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If i have - leave a copy on server for 30 days - on three PCs (called a/b/c) machines multidroping  pop email
But on a 4th (called D) I have download headers only + leave a copy on server for 30 days.  

1) PC D. doesnt affect the other 3 in any way ?
2) Is there an option to download the full contents of an email on PC D. if I see an email that looks of interest?

My thinking is - if someone sends a 5 meg email and only one PC needs to see it, that means all dont have to down load it.

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