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Exchange 2000, Exchange 5.5, Shared GAL, Seperate Orginizations, Seperate Domains.

Hello All -

Here is my scenario:

I have 1 Exchange 5.5 Server SP4, 1 Exchange 2000 Server with Windows 2000 SP4, SP3 Exchange. The client in question wants to have a shared GAL with there existing 5.5 server and there existing exchange 2000 server.

I have setup a vm test environement and done this following:

1. Exchange 2000 server, WIndows 2000 Server (latest service packs).
this is configured as different.local for the domain name and "First Orginization" for the exchange 2000 orginization name.

2. WIndows NT4 + SP6a and Exchange 5.5 + SP4 (all latest service packs)
WIndows NT 4 domain is called "DOMAIN" and the exchange orginization name
is: called neworg.

3. Using the ADC i have setup 2 connectors (a single 2-way connector was not supoprted)
my first ad connector is called: First Connector. It is configured as "From Exhcange to Windows"
I have an ou called "Exchange 5.5 IN" that takes any object created on the exchange 5.5 server and
puts it in here. <<< This works fine.

4. Using ADC I have setup the second connector called: new connector: it is confgured as "From Windows to exchange"  It is pulling the objects from an OU in the 2000 server called "Exchange Users"
it is not working. When i create a new exchange usre in this out it does not show up on the exchange 5.5 side of things.

I get the following error messages: (From the Win2k server)

Source: MSADC Eventid: 8183
Could not import the entry 'cn=newuser,cn=Recipients,ou=First Administrative Group,o=First Organization' into the directory server 'NT4SERVER' in the second attempt.  (Connection Agreement 'NEw connector agreement' #680)

Source: MSADC Eventid: 8270
LDAP returned the error [20] No Such Object when importing the transaction
dn: cn=Recipients,ou=First Administrative Group,o=First Organization
changetype: Add
  (Connection Agreement 'NEw connector agreement' #680)


Source: MSADC Eventid: 8270

The entry with distinguished name 'cn=newuser,cn=Recipients,ou=First Administrative Group,o=First Organization' will not be written to the directory because  it is missing the following mandatory attributes: 'target-address'.   (Connection Agreement 'NEw connector agreement' #680)

I think that about covers it.

I dont really understand what i am doing here? Why would i want to have 2 copies of all of my mail boxes? The client really only wants a shared gal...

Can someone please explaine not only what i am doing wrong but what i am trying to do if that makes sense? I dont really know how this is supposed to work.

Please explain this clearly - thank you for your time.

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Chris Dent
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Hi Robert,

This is a difficult one to tackle, have you had any luck solving this so far?

As for the error, I assume you have it configured to create Custom Contacts (or whatever they're called) in Exchange 5.5 for each recipient on the Exchange 2000 system? That would make the requirement for Target Address clear at least.

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Chris - Thanks for the reply.

It seems that it might be related to the rus services of exchange 2000. That s what i am guessing. I got it to work once and i then had my shared gal that had addresses from both domains / seperate originzations.

it seems like it creates a contact in the (migrated or copied ) from domain. (so source is exch 5.5 destiniotion is exch 2k) and vice versa.

I dont know if thats the right way or not but frankly this client needs to upgrade anyways. I am still a little unclear on what i am supposed to be doing. This might be one of those situations where i have it working and dont realize the full potentiol of it.

Any ideas?

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Chris Dent
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