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Exchagne 2007 E-Mail Address Poilcy Issue


I have a new Exchange 2007 installation (no prior versions of exchange). I am trying to modify the default e-mail address policy to set the e-mail accounts in the the correct way.  I am trying to list the following: (set as reply)
I have set this policy however, all i get is @domain.local and I do not get the additional email addresses.

I have forced an update of the email address policy via the shell however, still no change in the address.  We have over 150 users so updating manually is not a very nice thought.

any ideas?

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Are you seeing any errors in your event logs? Did you follow this procedure to edit the default address policy?

How to Edit an E-Mail Address Policy

How to Apply an E-Mail Address Policy
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I do not see any errors in Event Viewer.  I ran this config thru the  GUI and I recieve the following upon applying the policy:

I was editing the default policy (not many options to slect like when creating a new policy) I was also editing as the domain administrator account which has full rights.

At one point I trired to create a new policy to apply the same settings with the same lack of success.

Summary: 1 item(s). 1 succeeded, 0 failed.
Elapsed time: 00:00:07

Apply Default Policy

Exchange Management Shell command completed:
update-EmailAddressPolicy -Identity 'Default Policy'

Elapsed Time: 00:00:07

Anyone else have any ideas here? I am still stumped.

thanks in advance
Are you definately leaving the policy on all recipients and not setting conditions that don't match correctly? The next thing I could suggest is to increase the diagnostic logging. Without an error its kind of hard to pinpoint. I just setup the same policies in my lab as you no problems at all.

I would start by using set-eventloglevel and increase logging on : -
MSExchange Messaging Policies\AddressRewrite
MSExchange ADAccess\Recipient Update Service

I have not had to TS such a problem yet on Ex2007 so pls let us know how you get on.

Couple Items,

On the Policy, when I hit Preview it does show me all the users in the list as users under the policy

I did increase the logging level, still no error to report unfortuantely.

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