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Cannot communicate with scanner

    I have contacted Canon Tech Support and Microsoft Tech Support.  Neither was able to help me solve my problem which is the scanner on the Canon MP830 will no longer work-it will not communicate with my PC.  I actually have 2 problems but don't know if they are related.  Recently I started getting notifications that Windows needed to install drivers for a Microsoft WPD FileSystem Volume Driver.  Today when I needed to use the scan function of my MP830, it wouldn't work:  Cannot communicate with scanner.  In the Device Manager the Microsoft WPD FileSystem Volume Driver has a yellow exclamation point by it and nothing I have done at the instructions of both Microsoft and Canon have been able to fix it.  Uninstalled device-rebooted-yellow exclamation point still there.  Completely removed all of Canon MP830 software and drivers and then reinstalled-no success.  Tried a shorter USB cable-no luck.  Uninstalled and reinstalled Canon drivers-no success.  I am at my wit's end on this problem.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks
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Note:  I forgot to add that the Microsoft WPD FileSystem Volume Driver is associated with the card reader on my MP830.  When I turn the MP830 off, the device disappears.
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can you make an offline copy?
try also this : open  paint, under file is there any impert from scanner? try it
     When trying to use Paint to scan I get the same error message-cannot communicate with scanner.  I am able to make offline copies just using the MP830 alone..  Hope this helps.
ok - just to be sure, test the scanner on another pc
i assume that you can print fine, and the unit is connected to usb?

    Yes, I can print fine and use USB.  Unfortunately I don't have another PC handy to test the scanner.  I do have an Epson scanner which I had to hook up and it is working OK.
if it worked recently, a system restore can help you out quickly
    Unfortunately I haven't had system restore turned on thus had no restore point to go back to.
    No, I haven't installed SP1 for Vista.
then i stay with my suggestion : test it first on another pc. (from a friend?)
     I booted to Windows XP Pro on same computer and scanner was working.  
i have no more to add...
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you'll have to close it yourself - i can't :