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Cannot Print Screen

when i try take a print screen an paste it in paint, pain comes up with 2 errors.

1. "Error getting clipboard data"
on Ok, it prompts me with another error
2. "There is not enough memory or resources to complete operation. Close some programs, then try again"

I restarted my computer and tried again, only with the startup programs running but still the same thing... Very random, theres nothing that could have sparked it like i hadn't installed any new software or anything....
(i would attach an print screen to show my errors, but well...)

How do i fix this?
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Do you happen to have 2 monitors?
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It worked fin for ages no problems
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Right. And your amazing. stupid i didn't think of that. I have 1 19" and a 17" with the 17" lower than the 19"s... so the physical arrangement was off.... yea i worked it out thanks for your help!
No problem.  Glad we got it worked out.
But shouldn't "Print Screen" work with 2 monitors? Mine works for a while but then eventually stops working. Restarting the ClipBook service and clearing the clipboard does not work. I am evetually forced to reboot if I need the screenshot that badly.

Disabling one of your monitors doesn't sound like much of a solution to me - just a work-around.
I Know what you mean, it use to work with my monitors.... Strange...
wait, are you serious that this is the solution? :-] To give up 2 monitors just because of print screen? We have the same problem right now on a pc in our company, but he has only one monitor, so do you have any other advice please? Maybe something more "expert" :)
That is a work around

Is there any real resolution?
Clearing the Temp Internet files sometimes fixes this issue but do not have a permanent fix....