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Making multi-stage backup policies work in Backup Exec 10d

Disclaimer: I'm new to setting up backups at a corporate level, so I might not use the correct terminology, but I'll do my best to describe the situation accurately!

I've set up a brand new backup system for my company comprised of this:
an HP Proliant DL320S running Windows Server 2003 Standard and a hardware raid 10 with just over 4tb available.
an HP Storageworks MSL2024.
Symantec Backup Exec 10d rev 5629.

Both are configured and fully functional.  it's sweet :)

I want to back up our file server called Library.  The main fileshare is about 850gb.  So in Backup Exec I created a media set called LIBRARY, a backup-to-disk folder called LIBRARY and created a new job called LIBRARY with the remote fileshare selected.  I then used Backup Exec's 'Duplicate backup Sets' policy template to create Full, Incremental and Scheduled Backup Duplicate jobs.

The Full and Incremental jobs both work flawlessly, running when they're supposed to and creating files in the LIBRARY backup-to-disk folder.  But when it comes to the Scheduled Backup Duplicate job, I can't get it to complete successfully.  I was getting this error:

e00081d2 - The script associated with this job contained no valid selections

But I think that was solved by changing the date and time of the Backup Duplicate or possibly by changing  the Source Template to include Full Backup and Incremental Backup.  I'm not certain, it's a mystery to me.

My new problem is that when the Backup Duplicate ran this weekend, what it duplicated to tape was only one of the Incremental Backups.  What the heck am I doing wrong here?

I currently have the backups scheduled like so:

Full Backup on Sundays, no earlier than & no later than 11.59pm
Incremental backup on week days, no earlier than & no later than 11.59pm
Scheduled Backup Duplicate on Saturdays, no earlier than & no later than

I'm not certain what other info might be pertinent here, but I'd really appreciate any and all help, tips & pointers you guys might give me.... I'm soon to lose what little hair I have left on this!  Cheers :)
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Thanks for the links, I guess I have a lot to learn!