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Sum of 5 textbox values to another textbox in ASP


I just have a simple page with 5 textbox's where user have to enter numeric number(from 1 to 3 - Single digit number). Based onchange on those textbox, i have a another textbox which needs to display the sum of all the textbox values without the page being refresh. Kindly help.

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You can do this with some simple javascript. Assuming that your textboxes have ids like text1, text2 etc.
<input type=text id=text1 value=0>
<input type=text id=text2 value=0>
<input type=text id=text3 value=0>
<input type=text id=text4 value=0>
<input type=text id=text5 value=0>
<input type=text id=resultBox value=0>
<script language=javascript>
function SumBoxes(){
resultBox.Value = text1.value + text2.value + text3.value + text4.value + text5.value;

This is a bit sloppy, and would be better using document.text1.value, I know.
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Awesome. I checked this code in a blank page and it works fantastic. However in my actual asp page, total is getting calculated. my mistake. coz im getting the numbers for textbox thru a combobox value.

On change in 5 different combobox, value is getting stored in 5 different text box which in turn should get added and final result should be in 6th textbox. pls help
Glad to help.
You should be able to add onchange="SumBoxes" to the comboboxes.
Then the SumBoxes function will be called whenever you change a value. (You might need to modify the function SumBoxes to first copy the value from your combobox into your textbox - so that it has the most recent value.)
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U Rock !