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Write Cache for Windows server 2003. I do not have a cache controller to speed up writes to disk.

What are my options to speed up the writes to the drive since I do not have a cache controller.  They are 2 scsi drives hardware mirrored.

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On-disk write cache is disabled by default in Microsoft's server products. As it should be, to ensure data integrity in the event of a server crash or poweroutage.

You may also have to enable write cache on the drive itself. What is the make and model of the drive?
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The drive is an HP SCSI drive.  It does not allow me to enable the write cache.  Is there an override for this, or maybe a driver updat?  The server is a HP Proliant ML150 G3 Quad-Core.  
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ML150G3 takes SAS/SATA, no SCSI bays. No write cache battery available either (It's only a Proliant by name, it's OEM'd from someone).
I am looking at the machine and the drives say SCSI 15,000rpm.

6 bays.

Have 2 drives mirrored.
In that case it can't be am ML150 G3,

Can you confirm the part number of the server, should be xxxxxx-xxx format.
Maybe I'm wrong and they used to make a SCSI version,

If so it may have a smart array controller in it. If so you can't enable the disk write cache but you can enable the controller cache by buying a battery. Look in device manager under SCSI and RAID controllers and tell us what is listed.
SP# 435709-001

LSI Adapter, SAS 3000 Series, 8-Port with 1068-storport
HP don't supply the management software for that, it's at

Probably will allow you to change the cache settings at your own risk.
my driver is saying it is up to date witht the latest firmware revision.

That's the management software to configure the card, not the driver. You might be able to turn the write cache on with it (at your own risk as meyersd says).
I have called LSI and they said it is the wrong driver and need to get from HP.
So i got it from HP.

What you are saying, is that HP driver does not allow cache and the LSI driver would? At my own risk,
meaning what risk are you refering to.  The sam risk as any other enable write cache on the policies tab?  Or other risk, like the driver wont work and I am down?
It's not a driver. It's 32.5 MB, if drivers were 32MB then computers would need more than 4GB of RAM just to boot!!

Have you still got the box the server came in?
The controller does not support cache.  So you are telling me that the driver you pointed me to would allow the option under policies to take place?  Meaning I can set the write buffer to endabled?
is there a registry settings that will allow me top enable the cache on the drive?

where do I look?
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windows event log states that the driver disabled the write cache on \disk?

I had to seperate the drive from the array to allow them to be write cache enabled since the controller had no cache itself to use on board.  I needed a E200 or better controller (HP) to do the job.
I had the same issue with LSI 1064E on IBM x3200 and using Megaraid Storage Manager I enabled write cache on logical disk so the driver does not disable it any more.