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I went to by accident thinking it was and installed the webvideosetup.exe

Thinking that was - I thought I was at cnn and installed the video codec (webvideosetup.exe). After I installed, IE showed a porn site and forwarded me to a site that I can purchase spyware removal program. I used system restore and it seems to have fixed the broswer getting a system error to purchase the spyware removal program. I used search and destroy as well.  My question, I'm I safe?   Also, a few weeks later, two of my credit cards had strange charges, is this related to the software I accidentilly ran (webvideosetup.exe) or just strange timing?
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I cancel the credit cards.  Is there anyway I can view the .exe file to see if there was no backdoor trojans? webvideosetup.exe
Not once it has been compiled, unless your the one who created the .exe in the first place.
Only way to know what webvideosetup.exe contained would be to have the original code.
If it was only that easy....... just imagine the possibilities!

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This could become a new variant of smitfraudas its M-O is very similar, it seems only very recent according to PrevX.

You can try running an online scan of Kasersky as apache09 suggested, or running Combofix, the log should show files created/modifed in the last 30 days.
But if Kaspersky's result comes clean then that means good as kaspersky is very thorough.

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Did the same thing after running the exe as post:

Apache09, did you try to run the webvideosetup.exe yourself and it didn't run?
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I used the file scanner to scan the exe and came out clean. Somewhat relieved.
Thats Good.
Wouldnt worry then.
Only other thing I could suggest now is go out any BUY yourself a good virus scanner.

Just to name a few good ones:

Heaps of free ones out there, but it goes without saying, "You get what you pay for".

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Thanks for your help, I have trend micro running but it didn't sound off an alert.

Don't be so reliefed. I did the same foolish thing, but before running the webvideosetup.exe file, I scanned it with Symantec's Norton Internet Security, which revealed "no viruses, spyware, etc."

I went to Symantec's database and found no record of it. They don't seem to know it.
I also scanned the whole machine with both, Symantec's and Kaspersky and neither found anything wrong, but still, I think the damage is already done. Apparently, besides deleting some files, rewrote some others.

I really don't know what to do. I don't even know which were changed or erased.

By the way, when I ran the exe file, apparently it didn't run, at least not visibly.

I have no pop up problems. Just programs not running as they should or not running at all. Noerton Internet Security among others.