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SQL 2005 and CF8 - using SQL view "The multi-part identifier "UI.Current_Company_Number" could not be bound.

I am using a view created in SQL 2005;

SELECT     TOP (100) PERCENT UI.ID, UI.FirstName, UI.LastName, UI.Off_Limits_Flag, UI.Current_Company_Number, UI.Tax_Specialty_Id, UI.Current_Title,
                      USS.subspecialtyID, USS.percentage, USS.UserID, SS.SubSpecialtyID AS Expr1, SS.Title AS sstitle, SS.SpecialtyID
FROM         dbo.Users_Info AS UI LEFT OUTER JOIN
                          (SELECT     MAX(SubSpecialtyID) AS subspecialtyID, UserID, MAX(Percentage) AS percentage
                            FROM          dbo.Users_SubSpecialty
                            GROUP BY UserID) AS USS ON UI.ID = USS.UserID LEFT OUTER JOIN
                      dbo.SubSpecialty AS SS ON USS.subspecialtyID = SS.SubSpecialtyID AND UI.Specialty = SS.SpecialtyID
ORDER BY UI.LastName, USS.percentage DESC

and I get the following error from my CF page;

The multi-part identifier "UI.Current_Company_Number" could not be bound.

Here is the query;

<cffunction name="QGetSpecialtiesIndividuals" access="remote" returntype="query">
    <cfargument name="companynum" required="no">
    <cfargument name="specialty" required="no">
    <cfset var qgs="">
    <cfquery datasource="#request.dsn#" name="Qgs">
FROM Users_Subspecialties_Flowchart
WHERE UI.Current_Company_Number = #val(arguments.companynum)#
        AND UI.Tax_Specialty_ID = #arguments.specialty#

    <cfreturn (qgs) />

I can combine the view SQL and my WHERE clause and it works. I just thought it would be more efficient to run it from a view.
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You can also test executing the code in a query window by plugging in some specific values to see if there really is a problem with the query (replace 1234 and 5678 with actual values):

FROM Users_Subspecialties_Flowchart
WHERE Current_Company_Number = 1234
        AND Tax_Specialty_ID = 5678
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Had to be something simple. Thanks