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msde fails to install when attempting to install monitoring

I try to reinstall monitoring on sbs 2003 and get an error that it cannot install msde sp4. Anyone have any ideas?
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MSDE SP4 gets installed automatically by SP1...

if you are using it or higher then that then its already installed
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Here is the error

MSDE 2000 Service Pack 4 did not install. For additional instructions, see the SQL Server 2000 Service Pack Web site at

I have a tried a Windows Repair (second repair option when booting from CD1)
Exact same issue.

The repair did not reinstall the monitoring components.  

I've tried manually installing the MSDE 2000 sp4 and it tells me SQL Server 2000 is not installed
also, the server is now running SP2
I've gone the the MS KB article on removing SQL 2000 manually and removing Monitoring manually

Still same issue with MSDE 2000 SP4
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Ended up reinstalling the server.
good suggestion even though it  didn't fix the prob