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Write DACL inherit (group) right for the Exchange Servers group should be removed from the root of the domain by running the following command:

In my exchange 2007 organization i removed all the exchange 2003 as per the microsoft instruction and only thing i am unable to do is
Remove-ADPermission "dc=<Domain>" -user "<RootDomain>\Exchange Servers" -AccessRights WriteDACL -InheritedObjectType Group
My case
Remove-ADPermission "dc=cb.local" -user "cb.local\Exchange Servers" -AccessRights WriteDACL -InheritedObjectType Group

It never worked. has any one tried this please reply.
I feel there is a bug in this command, did any one tried this
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What is the error message?
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i'm having the same issue. it appears to be syntax related.
could anyone provide clarity on the command?
I just had the same problem.  You need to use the ldap type syntax, so your command would be:

Remove-ADPermission "dc=cb,dc=local" -user "cb.local\Exchange Servers" -AccessRights WriteDACL -InheritedObjectType Group
i have the same problem.
i run the command

Remove-ADPermission "dc=cb,dc=local" -user "cb.local\Exchange Servers" -AccessRights WriteDACL -InheritedObjectType Group   (by be82453)

and it did run. but it comes with error that "Exchange servers" does not have this write which i am trying to remove. so i think we dont need to remove it.

let me know if you find anything else.

I also have this problem.
Error message is below.

Remove-ADPermission : Cannot remove ACE on object "DC=local,DC=com" for account "\Exchange Servers" because it is not present.
At line:1 char:20
+ remove-ADpermission  <<<< "DC=local,DC=com"  -user "\Exchange Servers" -Accessrights WriteDACL -inheritedobjecttype group
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Thanks Borgus... Worked Perfect switching out \Exchange Servers" with "Exchange Enterprise servers"