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CSS style is pixelated and choppy

I have setup a font size style in CSS and it is:

font-size: 12px;

I have also tried 10pt;

I use font-family:Verdana

In IE it is fairly smooth, but in firefox the font is choppy and pixelated.

What can I do to get the edges smooth?

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Arpit Bajpai
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Use the same background colour in the gif and web page (or one that's close). E.g. if you want to show a yellow triangle on a black page, don't start with a white background in photoshop and draw a yellow triangle with anti-aliasing - start with a black background instead.

If the background behind the gif varies a lot, try different shades of gray and see which one works best

For a smooth gif the best way is to add anti-aliasing to the edges. This is a default option on programs such as Macromedia Fireworks. Then just export the png as a .gif file and add some alpha transparency to keep the background transparent.

Hope this solves your problems
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Sorry, it doesn't apply to my problem.

I am not using a GIF image.

I am using a cascading style sheet font. Please reread my question.

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If you want more specialized reply for this, you may
post your problem in the "web browers" section at EE.

Apart from that, what version of Firefox are you using ?
I am using Firefox