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OpenSER Configuration as a relay server

I am looking for some assistance in scripting openser to act as a 2 way call relay server for SIP traffic using 2 network interfaces. The server would be recieving sip traffic from a voice switch on the private LAN to the firsts interface.  

When the openser server recieves the call I want it to relay the call to the outside gateway thru the second netowrk card. The server would need to readdress the call traffic to the outside endpoint ip address.

When the end point replies back to the openser invites, etc, it would translate the address back to the private address switch reachable by the internal private address network card.

Ideally I would like to do the routing based on source address of the sip packets. Is there a way to have openser examine the source address and relay the packets rewriting the destination address?

Any ideas on this would be greatly appreciated....

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