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Comparing two variables in an SQL query.

Here is my problem :

  Two tables called Certifications & Employees
                   Select * from Certifications C, Employees E
                   where C. Employee_ID = E. Employee_ID
                   and Certification_Prefix = 'MCSE'

            I am trying to convert Certification_Prefix into a variable & MCSE into another variable
             So I am trying to do something like this....same as above except

                Select * from Certifications C, Employees E
                   where C. Employee_ID = E. Employee_ID
                   and variable1 = variable2

   What is the correct syntax to in an SQL server query to say : variable1 = variable2
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what kind of variable?
also, should variable1 refer to the column name?
how do you run that code?
so, do I take it that you want to pass the NAME of a field as variable1, and the Value to test for in THAT field as variable2?

In this case, you would create what is known as 'dynamic' SQL.  

Would you be doing this in a Stored procedure?  or entirely in code?

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Arthur, You are correct variable 1 is the name of the field in the table and variable 2 is the value.  What is the syntax to make variable1 = variable2 in the above query?
Are you using a Stored Procedure in SQL Server for this?

if so, then the SP would be something like this:

<Air Code>
IF OBJECT_ID ( 'GetDataFromTable', 'P' ) IS NOT NULL 
    DROP PROCEDURE GetDataFromTable;
Create  Procedure GetDataFromTable 
    @FieldName  varchar(20), 
    @Value varchar(20)
    DECLARE @SQL varchar(100);
         SET @SQL = " Select * from Certifications C, Employees E
                   where C. Employee_ID = E. Employee_ID
                   and " +@FieldName +" = '" + @Value +"'";
         Exec @SQL;

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Thank You Arthur, that lost code snippet worked like a charm.
Glad to be of assistance.