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CMS templates for Microsoft Access


I am looking for CMS templates that have been written for Access.

A google on this doesn't seem to be returning direct hits on this topic...
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Si Ball
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can you be more precise?  Content management system?  what kind of templates?  code or templates to display data from a database on a webpage?
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Sorry, good questions.

To be more precise, I need to catalogue a collection of data (texts, scans, music and videos). All of these have also metadata.

The template I'm looking for would basically be a blank Access database with its architecture and frontend. Of course this kind data doesn't come for free, and I understand that there would have to be some customisation made for it to fit my needs.

are you planning to use the dos commands in access to browse a directory and report on the files names etc?  the question is still very broad.  Access allows you to easily create your own tables and forms,

How are you going to import the data, from what source?  What are your requirements for the front end?  an import form, a data entry form, and a report?
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LSMConsulting, yes I have. I am looking for something somewhat "more extensive"... :-)

Sudonim:Currently, my library exists on newspapers, magazines, tapes, CDs and VHSs. So, data entry would be from scratch. The front end should be one that a data entry personel could use... (many input fields with a big "Save" button at the bottom.
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Scott McDaniel (EE MVE )
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I'm trying to avoid "rolling my own" template ;-) - hence  my question... but maybe it's just not out there... :-(
fair enough.