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New added AD client doesn't show up in the SMS Manager

Hi all,

I'm facing a strange problem with my SMS 2003 setup. We have bought some new computers to replace some old ones. Now the problem is, I joined a new notebook to the domain, it is added without any problems, all the group policies are applied. But when I try to push the advanced client to the machine to install some extra software applications, I notice that the machine isn't in the 'All Systems' collection.

Maybe some more info about the AD structure:

We use  an OU computers with inside two child OU's 'OU Laptop' (for notebooks) and 'OU PC' (for desktops). That because we apply different GPO's to both type of machines.
So when I add a new client to the domain, I drag the computer object to the right OU (here OU Laptop).

The discovery methods are all configured within the boundaries of the domain. I did check the checkbox to run the discovery method (all of them to be sure) as soon as possible.

Does anyone has an idea why the computer isn't shown in the SMS manager (the notebook is added to the domain for about 3h now)?

This is kind off urgent... Thanks in advance!

Steven Bruneel
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any errors in the status messages (it should have says 12 client add for example) or errors importing those accounts
also make sure the disocvery is done for computers in the computers OU, not for a specific OU.
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I triggered another discovery of the systems in the domain. In the boundaries of the discovery method, the LDAP name of the domain is added also with the recursive option selected (includes subgroups to discover).

I'm now looking at the logs in SMS manager and have following info entries:


12:45:00.517 - This component started.
12:45:02.783 - SMS Active Directory System Discovery Agent read the AD Containers and found 1 valid AD Container entries in the site control file. (i have no idea what this means)
12:45:02.783 - This component stopped.
12:45:02.800 - SMS Executive is next scheduled to start this component on "4/03/2008 12:50:00".

so there i got no errors. I do see a warning at the SMS_AD_SYSTEM_GROUP_DISCOVERY_AGENT and SMS_AD_SYSTEM_USER_DISCOVERY_AGENT

They aren't triggered by the latest system discovery thou... The warning i get:

12:00:08.987 - ID: 5303 - SMS Active Directory User Discovery Agent reported warnings for 1 objects. DDR's were generated for 1 objects that had warnings while reading non-critical properties. DDR's were not generated for 0 objects that had warnings while reading critical properties.

Possible cause: The SMS Service might not have access to some properties of this object. The container specified might not have the properties available.
Solution: Please verify the Active Directory schema for properties that are not replicated or locked. Refer to the discovery logs for more information.

This is the same for the 2 components i mentionned. But I don't think those are both related to the System discovery?
no they DDR data discovery records which mean that the SMS server cannot process new records, something is wrong in the permissions or in the SMS services, try to reboot the machines first and chck the permissions on the OU
I did reboot the machine, all the SMS services are started. Had problem with one service that didnt start at the boot, but I started it manually and the service runs now.

What permissions should be on the OU then?
Deny read permission or something, also did you applied SP3 to SMS?
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