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Slow Domain Logon with Vista Wired/Wireless

I am running a Win2003 domain with only 5 vista business machines.  All 5 take between 10 and 40 minutes to logon to the domain.  They are newly purchased Toshiba M200 notebooks.  I can't figure out what's happening.  Any help would be appreicated.
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Not so sure if this could help...
But can you try setting your clients DNS settings?
Just a thought...
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Do you mean going into the tcp/ip settings and setting them manually as apossed to allowing them to be obtained automatically?
Well check if your clients are getting the correct DNS servers via DHCP.  If so then this probably is not the cause.  Are there any events logged at the time of logon?  And does this happen if you log on as local admin on the machines?  Do you use any roaming profiles or syncronized files?
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Although I have tried the above fix, I still seem to be experiancing this same issue.

This issue began when we replaced a 2003 DC in one of our satelite offices where these client machines reside, with a Win 2008 RODC - forest and domain funtional levels are 2003.

We've also tried
- Disabling IPV6 as advised on many forums.
- updating NIC drivers
- DCDIAG is clean
- Updating BIOS
- recreated users profiles
- removed/re-added machines to domain

DNS on server are set set correctly and clients are set to obtain DNS automatically.

Re-installing a machine however fixed the issue on one of them, but really dont want to be doing that for all.

Any ideas would be much appriciated,