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How to edit the source/table set of a Pegasus CIS report

Hi all,

We support a product call Pegasus CIS (construction industry solutions for the UK market) which comes with a suite of reports built in Crystal Reports.  I'm quite comfortable with adjusting the layout, writing equations, etc., as well as creating a report from scratch.  However, I have yet to find how to adjust the data set used with these reports (even just adding a field would be nice!).  The manufacturers (Pegasus) are quoting "Crystal reports is not a Pegasus supported product", so that avenue is shut.  Any help appreciated.
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Mike McCracken

Crystal has a SELECT EXPERT under the REPORT menu you can use to filter the data

I assume you are using some kind of dataset created from the Pegasus software or views within the database
Crystal will find changes in the dataset if you use the VERIFY DATABASE option under the DATABASE menu

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Hi mlmcc,

I've checked in those locations but the SELECT EXPERT shows a fictitious location - a UNC path which doesn't exist.  The VERIFY DATABASE option asks me to enter login information - it's just a simple MDB file with no security & obviously the UNC path doesn't match.

I've uploaded a sample report - it's a Subcontractor Order report.  I hope you can give me some further insight. :)
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