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Terminal Server 2008 RemoteApp Style - Access Local Documents


We have an app that is currently running locally but needs to be run as a RemoteApp on Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services (see here  The clients are Windows XP SP2.

The issue is that users often export data from this app into Excel, that is they save the data as a CSV file and then open the CSV using Excel.  But we need Excel to continue to be installed on local PCs.  Is there any way of making the File Save As Common Dialog box show a link to the users local My Documents folder when used from the RemoteApp session?

I am aware that I can have access to the local hard drive from the RemoteApp with another drive letter, but most of my users would be confused by having to navigate into this drive and to their (My )Documents folder.

If push comes to shove I could do it by changing the registry at logon using a script, but this must be a common enough problem to have a better solution no??

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Well that looks like tke only option then.  I'll do it like that.  Thanks.
Well in fact I'll probably add another icon to the Common File Dialog and the Office file open/save dialog (Office Places) to point to \TSCLIENT\C$\Documents and Settings\%Username%\My Documents by altering the registry here


and here

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\12.0\Common\Open Find\Places
Why not setup the XP machines to redirect the "My Documents" folders to your server.
Then point the TS to those redirected folders on the server.

The users are remote notebook users, a permanent network connection cannot be relied upon, and offline folders are slow and unreliable over intermittent connections.

This is why the exported data must go to the local my documents.