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When Debugging Vis Studio skips past all my breakpoints

I have a large ASP.NET web project, created and compiled in visual studio 2003 (running windows XP) and running on a remote web server (windows server 2003, IIS 6.0).
I have set a bunch of breakpoints, but when I run the project, 80% of the time the site will execute without hitting any of them.
The site builds and runs fine, but it wont break where I need it to.

Restarting IIS and Vis Studio will sometimes solve it - but not always.

Because its such a large site it is taking 2-3 minutes per build, so having to build it 3 or 4 times to get it to debug properly is quite a time sink.
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Dirk Haest
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Are you sure that you have it in debug-mode and not in release-mode ?
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100% sure.
It works sometimesby doing exactly the same thing, not even making changes just restarting VS.
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make sure you are in Debug mode and that the Generate Debug option is not "None" (Advanced Compiler Options) -- and if they don't work, try cleaning & rebuilding the solution, then restarting Visual Studio

BUG: Debugger skips client-side breakpoints in ASP.NET projects
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there was no clean solution option in vs2003, but deleting the /obj and .pdb files seemed to fix it up great thanks.