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the messaging interface has an unknown error

hi guys

firstly, thanks for your help.

i am using outlook 2003 (as part of xp office) and i started outlook this morning and get the following message when i try and delete emails ('message interfacing has returned an unknown error. please restart outlook.')

i have restarted - to no avail.

i think my pst file has exceeded 2gb which may be part of the problem. the only thing is i cannot delete any emails to reduce the pst file size (i have managed to empty the deleted files folder)

any suggestions would be very welcome.

many thanks

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Hello tommykay7,

Since you deleted the Trash, you should gain a little space.  You need to compact the PST to gain the space.  If you do not know how to compact PST file, follow the directions in this article

Hope this helps!
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many thanks indeed - that seemed to work fine - and all ok.

Cheers again. Tom