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Cant seem to STOP SQL Server SSIS Package

Hi there - we have an server running SQL Server2005 SSIS and we execute SSIS packages at certain times using the DTExec.exe command utility.

My problem is that I appear to have a package that is showing as running but does not appear to be as there is no activity against it in the database.

If I attempt to STOP the SSIS package running nothing happens and the package still shows as Running when viewing the active packages on the instance.  Has anyone came across this before or any idea how I might resolve the issue.  I have checked the server event logs and can see the package starting but not completing.  Cant see anything else in the logs that indicates why it appears to be in this hung state.

The only thing I can think of doing is Stop the SSIS service and restart it as the DEFAULT SSIS config says that packages should not execute if the service is stopped.

Any help appreciated.
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