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Registry error when opening Outlook 2003

When a user running MS XP Pro starts Outlook 2003 they get the error below  They can click OK or Cancel.  If they click OK they get the error again and are asked to click OK or Cancel.  After clicking OK for the second time Outlook 2003 starts up.

"Error in registry for extension Exchange Extensions;?".  The syntax or format of the registry entry is incorrect.  Check the registry settings and compare the registry for this extension to other extensions in the registry."
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try repair install of office and OWC?
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could be AV extension or other, go to:
tools -> options -> other (tab) -> advanced options -> add-in manager

clear selction from all extension then restart outlook.
if no error try to add extension one by one until you get the the error .
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Below are what are selected in the add-in manager.  Whenever I unselect one and then try and start Outlook again I still get the error.  Infact whenever I go into that ad-in manager and don't even make changes and restart Outlook I still get the error.  What else can I do?

Symantec Antivirus
Delegate Access
Deleted Item Recovery
Echange Extensions commands
Exchange Extensions property pages
try doing the repair install see ifthat repairs the registry entries in question
It's a symantec issue, SavPluginUtil.exe from symantec. This will solve your problem
yes... could be. we had some issues with the sav...
I have the file in question, if you supply my with a ftp address or an email address I can get it to you. I have tried searching for a URL that I could post here but am unable to find one.
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