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cwRsync or DeltaCopy with FreeNAS

I have a FreeNAS server up and running.  I want my workstations to push the data to it.  I have found 2 ports of rsync for Windows: cwRsync and DeltaCopy.  DeltaCopy has a nice interface and I have actually successfully gotten a test sync to work.

My problem is that I can't figure out how to do it over SSH so it is encrypted.  I also need to have this scheduled, which I can do with either one, but I can't have it prompting me for a password.  I am figuring that I need to use the ssh-keygen, but can't really figure it out.

All help appreciated.  The more detail the better.   BTW I have read the article on running DeltaCopy as the server and having the FreeNAS pull the data and this is not what I want.

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I use cwRsync myself. It does the job or me. The getting things to work with ssh and public keys is something else. It sounds like if you can get it to not prompt you for a password the problem is solved.

In your home directory on the receiving machine you want to look in ~/.ssh/. In this directory you will have the private and public keys. I like to use RSA encryption. Use ssh-keygen to create the public and private keys. The command would be:

    ssh-keygen -t rsa

You will be prompted for the name of the files to create. Just press enter. For the passphrase I'd suggest you press enter as well (no passphrase). It will just make things easier but you'll still have ssh protection.

You now want to put the file on the system you are sending from. The first time you log into the receiving machine you will be prompted for if you want to add it to the known hosts. Answer yes and from that point forward you should be able to ssh to the machine and automatically log in.
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Since you took the time to reply.  If you would like to reply with the links that I have posted, I would love to give you the points.  I just want to make sure when people skim this in the future for the solution and see the accepted answer that it is actually with the links that fixed the problem.