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Domain users losing their data from their roaming profiles!!!

I have a Windows 2003 Server and domain that my users log into.  Recently I am having users complain that when they log in they have lost all of their My Documents/Desktop icons/Favorites....etc.  It is as if they created a brand new profile.

I have roaming profiles setup (\\servername\users$\username) and folder redirection (\\servername\users$\username).  Through Group Policy I have the folder redirection pointing to the same place their roaming profiles are located so I only have to deal with 1 user folder for all of their information.  The weird part of this problem is that the user will have all of their data there for serveral days then all of a sudden (without the server going down or having an issue) they will log in and have NO data.  I have confirmed by looking up their profile on the server to find it empty.  I have even gone and run an data recovery software to find the data and it appears to have been deleted and when I try to recover it I get nothing because the profile has been recreated on top of the previous one.

I HAVE to stop this and cannot figure out why this is happening.  The local PC doesn't show anything in the event logs neither does the server.  Also I have 2 other schools setup the EXACT same way and none of them are doing this.

The clients are Windows XP and are brand new joining the domain.  The PCs have been rebooted server times after their data was loaded into their profile so we know it is getting saved to the server.

Please help.
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Sounds like a network communication problem. Users are logging on and profile is not found because of some network issue. New profile is created. User logs off and new profile is written back over the old profile with the data.

Start checking your eventlog for errors relating to either not being able to contact a domain server or unable to load profile. In Active Directory you may need to set the policy to Always wait for the network at computer startup and logon to enabled. Located in system/logon. This will prevent logon using cahced credentials and makes sure the DC is contacted.
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