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Force new users into a group

I am looking for a way to force newly created users in a specific OU to be added to two groups.  Is there anyway to do this?  The users do not ever login, so a login script is out.  These users are POP email users.
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Why don't you create a "dummy user" who is a member of the groups in question. When you need to create a new user do so by right clicking on the dummy user and select "Copy". This will create a new user (you still have to enter the name/password), who will automatically be a member of the same groups.
Opps - sorry - I should have read merowinger's comment
My apoligies.
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We may end up doing that, but these are end users creating the user accounts, so trusting them to do things in the way you tell them....well, you can imagine.

I think what we may end up doing is creating a script that will check all the users to be sure they are in the right groups, and if not add them to the groups.  Then we are going to schedule it to run every 15 minutes.

Thanks for the help though.  If anyone else has any other ideas let me know, if not points will go to merowinger.