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Not receiving external e-mails from certain domains

We're running Exchange 2003.  We have MXLgoix as our Spam Filter Service.  So what that means is that our MX record has been changed to route e-mail to MXLgoic, they filter all of our e-mail and send the clean e-mails to us.  There are certain domains I'm not receiving e-mails from.  MXLogic has logs and the logs are showing they have successfully contacted us and delivered the message.  I looked at our Tren Micro server, it's not blocking those messages or domains.  I'm not sure where to look next.

MTA Delivery log
[2008-03-03-12:31:40/2741885872/23124.00-168] [I] (EHLO)
[2008-03-03-12:31:43/2479639472/23124.00-168] [I] (MAIL)
[2008-03-03-12:31:43/2647477168/23124.00-168] [I] (RCPT) RCPTTO:
[2008-03-03-12:31:45/2626497456/23124.00-168] [I] (Worker) Connected to (207.X.X.X:25/207.X.X.X) in: 263 msecs (OKCONN)
[2008-03-03-12:31:45/2626497456/23124.00-168] [I] (Worker) Verify RCPTs: 422 msecs Valid (1)
[2008-03-03-12:31:46/2626497456/23124.00-168] [I] (Worker) F[118]<- 250 Backend Replied []: .6.0 OFBF74A1EC.0F61FA (Mode: normal)
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My IMF settings are at 9, No Action, 9.  I'm guessing that's not the problem.  Is there a place I can check?  I also changed my Accept other than delete.  We'll see how that goes.
Wait a bit too see if that will change anything.
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It wasn't IMF, but had you not mentioned it, I may have not found the SendID issue.  Thanks for your help.