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Java Code List library

In my Java code, I have been handling Code Lists for some time, but they are simple and are not verifiable against a Database and there is an important limitation with my implementation that prevents me from being able to treat code lists generically in their interaction with specific code lists and their database interactions.

I am looking for recommendations on a good open source codelist library.  It is possible that there is link to good code as well, not in the form of a library.  Anything would help.

I can't seem to find one in Google easily and Java 5's Enum can not remotely cut it.  I feel they could have been implemented so much more extensibly.

Any ideas?
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Excuse my ignorance, but what is a 'code list'?
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Like an enumeration, allowing a person to manage types.    At work, they have what I consider to be a mediocre codelist that takes types defined with often id/label/other info and validates it against the database.  If one is off, the app will fail to come up.   You then use the codelist item instead of a specific constant value.   It is like an enumerated type, but before they existed in Java 5.   Also they can be done to allow much more flexibility then Java's enum.
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Only thing I can see so far is this.  It is almost exactly what I have, but I consider it a weak solution.
The only things i can think of that are related are

a. a pre-processor
b. annotations
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I need to map every codelist entry into a database via OJB and I didn't want to have to create a separate mapping to/from the database for each codelist.   I was hoping to have one "generalized" mapping, but the following lines prevent this in the link above.    You must have the specific codelist concrete implementation to pull back the StatusEnum for a given Int.    You can't put the call for
              Object obj =  ( (ValuedEnum)obj).getEnum(enumValue);

You have to do the likes of this instead:    Object obj = StatusEnum.getEnum(enumValue);

For this code:
    public Object nullSafeGet(ResultSet resultSet, String[] columnNames,
            Object owner) throws HibernateException, SQLException {

        int enumValue = resultSet.getInt(columnNames[0]);
        return StatusEnum.getEnum(enumValue);
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I just found this one which is better idea then what I had.   Still looking for a best method.
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