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Extracting windows event logs to syslog

I have a load of event logs stored in their raw format on an external drive and want to convert them to syslog, so that I can read them.   Does anyone know of a way or tool to do this?


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You could try this:
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Thanks, but I was looking for a tool that could translate the event logs after they have been exported off the windows server.   Currently they are in separate files, Application.evt SecEvent.evt and sysEvent.evt, but can not be read using textpad, notepad etc.   I would like to transfer them to a syslog server but in a readable format.
this tool should send the text straight to syslog. does it not?
Yes it does, and that would be great if the previous administrator had not exported the logs OFF the existing server onto  NAS.   So the issue is how do I translate those logs into a readable text format?   There are over 2 years worth of information that I can not access.

BTW I use a tool called Lasso which takes the logs off the windows server in real-time, which is similar to winlogd.
I think you can physically open the .evt files with the event viewer application.
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