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Which docking station supports windows server 2003

I am currently looking for a docking station that supports windows server 2003.  I have been looking on the net but can not come up with anything.  Any help would be muchly appreciated.

Thank you in Advance
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Windows 2003 can normally use the same drivers as XP, so a docking station that works will most likely also work with 2003. You should still verify that with your vendor and you should also provide them with your laptop model, as docking stations are made for specific laptops.
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I don't think I understand what exactly you mean now.
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I need to connect a computer to a server via usb.  I need a hub or a docking station that i can connect two usb (keyboard and mouse) and a video port.  

Everytime i switch the machine i have plug in 3 cords into the back of the machine and would rather only
plug in one usb to the front.
You mean you have one keyboard and mouse, and you want to share that between two PC's? You can use a KVM switch for that. You can get different versions, for USB or PS2 connections, with 2, 4, 8 or more ports. Some also include connections for audio.