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OWA not displaying page after login completed

I have introduced a second Exchange server in to my site and moved some mailboxes on to it. When a user whos mailbox has been moved logs in using OWA they get an error HTTP 400 bar request page displayed.

What do I need to do to resolve this issue.

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On your second server, make sure that in IIS the exchange and public folders virtual directories have the ExchaneApplicationPool assigned to them in the application pool section.
Additionally, are they using the correct URL?
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Sorry for the delay in responding. I dont think I have explained myself correctly.
We had one single exchange server with an ssl cert on it from Thawte and an inbound NAT rule pointing to it.
We have introduced a second exchange server and when someone access via https://server1/exchange that is when we get an issue if they are on the 2nd server. Complete newbie with this but shouldnt I have an ssl cert on the 2nd box too?

I have checked your suggestions above and they are all correct. I am increasing the points to 500 purley because I think this is a lack of tech ability preventing me from solving this :)

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Points increased to 500
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Hi isaman07

Any more ideas, things to try, everything seems to check out fine on both boxes from an IIS point of view, application pools assigned where they should be etc, getting a bit desperate now!
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