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Sending email programmatically using .NET


I have a C# app that sends email using System.Net.Mail.SmtpClient. The user specified all their info (smtp server, port, authentication, etc). This works beautifully. However, after shipping it to a client, they're telling me that they use MS Exchange server and don't have an smtp address to use.

I know almost nil about Exchange server. From the bit I've read on the web it sounds like they could set up some kind of virtual smtp server on their exchange server and tell my app to use that. I really don't know if I'm understanding the articles right though. Anybody have any information on this? Is it possible? Could you point me to some documentation on how to do that?

What I'd really, really like though, is a way to do it the same way I currently am. ie. The user selects "smtp" or "exchange" server, then enters the address, credentials (and any other info exchange server may require). Is there any way to programmatically send emails though an exchange server from a .NET app? Any class libraries or anything available?

I'm sorry for being so vauge, but as I said, I know almost nothing about exchange server.
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all you need to do is script a telnet session with the appropriate fields,295582,sid43_gci1280938,00.html

gives a god example of how to do it, it should be fairly straightforwards for a decent programmer to add the particulars to a .net script