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How can I configure my network so that Small Business Server 2003 features still work and my web server works?

We recently purchased and installed a Small Business 2003 server as our domain controller. Prior to this we had a Windows 2000 server running our domain. We also host a website out of our office that our employees log into, so we've got a Windows Server 2003 web server and a Windows Server 2003 database server running. I left our firewall unchanged which has port 443 forwarded to our web server.

Everything works fine, EXCEPT... users want access to their email through the web, and they'd really like to use the Remote Web Workplace installed with SBS 2003.  Since I already have a webserver running to host our employee site,  I'm stuck as to how I can have both running at the same time?  I have one internet connection and a subdomain registered that points to our local IP address. Our main domain is hosted with Network Solutions.  The Remote stuff works great from behind the firewall. I can type http://server/remote and see exactly what I'd like users to see, however, it's not through SSL.  We only have 10 employees so it's not a super high use.

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance!


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Hi Gssc,
  Thank you for your lightening fast response. I tried to use port 86 as an example. I am just trying to get it working internally right now.
I went into IIS (on the DC) and went to the properties of the default web and changed port 80 to port 86.

When I type http://server:86 it comes up okay, but clicking on Remote yields errors.

If I type http://server and click on Remote, it works.  Am I missing how to configure this?

Thanks again!
Hmm...are you trying to have basically one web site that had a link to the "remote" section of the web page?

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I currently have a sub-domain that points to my small website (our IP addy). 
I could easily put a link on the sub-domain website.  If the url is, that would work just fine and the users wouldn't know they were using another port#.  
So I was thinking based on your earlier suggestion that it would just be easiest to simply re-direct all port 86 traffic to my DC site, and leave all port 80 traffic directed to the seperate web server.

Does this sound like a bad idea?
I would say this probably is the easiest and straight foward solution. That way any users connecting to your internal Web page will be automatically taken to your "Remote" site. Im not sure how you would go about coding it on your other web page, but im sure it's simply modifying the URL.
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Thank you again Gssc!